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Prayer Requests (Ongoing)

By Dan Betters in Stone's Throw Church 5 months ago | 16300 views

Paul said, “I want men everywhere to lift up holy hands in prayer.” Let it be so with Stone’s Throw Church. God has graciously invited us to use the means of prayer to be a part of His redemptive plan. 

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Carly Wilt

Dear brothers and sisters, a lot has changed in my life recently, which has kind of thrown me into a bit of a tailspin emotionally. I’m working through it and the Lord has been so faithful and gracious to me of course, however prayers are much appreciated as I work through a bit of a valley and try to figure out what the Lord is doing with me here and what is next. Mondays seem to be the hardest, and as the seasons change and the days get shorter, I anticipate struggling with some seasonal depression as I do most years, but this Fall and Winter I think will be particularly challenging. I am praying for all of you who also struggle emotionally and particularly during this time of year, as I know there are many! Remember with me brothers and sisters, that not only we commanded to but we CAN rejoice and be glad in every day for it is a day that the Lord has made!



Lou Johnson

Amen Carly, Praying for you young sis!

Scott Winchester

From member Court Blatchford: “Please pray for my sister, Laurel, who is fighting aggressive brain cancer. She just had her second surgery and will start chemotherapy again. Pray for healing and also that God will reveal himself to her.”

Michael Shannon

Praying for Court’s sister Laurel this morning as well as Carly! 

Dave Wyatt

Carly, we will be praying for you as you work through this difficult time and this valley. God is faithful and true and he will carry you through.

Dan Betters

Hey Church, 

I’d like to ask prayer for healing. I have had severe leg pain related to my back. It was gone for several years but has since returned. I appreciate you all and covet your prayers. 

Dave Wyatt

Court, we’ll be praying for your sister as she recovers from surgery. I pray for strength for her as she again battles through chemo treatments. Lord I pray that you would reveal yourself to Laurel directly or by the nurses, doctors, or medical team providing care for her. May she find the peace, strength, and hope only found in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Court, we also pray for you as you provide support and care for her. May Christ shine in and through you today and everyday.

Lou Johnson

Brothers and Sisters, I’m reaching out in prayer for someone very dear to us who has walked away from our faith. Those that are close to me know the details but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to bring this soul before the church in prayer. There is a teaching they now follow that has carried them away from the teachings of Jesus being the Chosen one. And this teaching offers another chosen one. But God’s Word stands true and every man is a liar. Acts 4:12 “For there is no other name given under Heaven for men to be saved.” Jesus Christ reigns now and forever Supreme! I and several other family members pray daily for this person but it would be an honor to now know that the rest of this church is now corporately involved. Thanks be to God in Christ Jesus for all of you!

Scott Winchester

Praising God that 500 years ago today marked the beginning of the “rediscovery” of the gospel of grace. We are justified by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, to the glory of God alone. May the Lord bless our church as we carry the light of this great news to future generations.

Steve Hart

From member Diane Bansbach:
“Please pray for my 11 year old niece, Nicole, who was just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Changing lifestyle is going to be difficult.”

Steve Hart

From Deacon Dave Wyatt: “Greetings Church, I am praying for our building team as they continue to serve and sacrifice their time, talent, and treasure for the good of the church. I pray God will continue to give them wisdom, discernment, and encouragement as they make tough decisions in bringing the building project to fruition. We’re blessed to have these men leading the way and I thank each and every one of them.”

Steve Hart

From Deacon Dave Wyatt: "Stone’s throw Church, first I’d like to give praise and thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ for what he’s doing with in Stone’s Throw church and in the MOT and Elkton communities. Over this past year I’ve seen individuals and Community groups alike love and serve their brothers and sisters at STC. No matter what the crisis or trial you guys “stepped up and stepped in” and answered the call. I’ve seen Community groups strengthened and galvanized by doing life and Mission together. Community groups are growing and multiplying. Stone’s throw church has members serving the broken and homeless at the Paris foundation in Elkton Maryland. Members sacrificing their time talent and gifts to serve the Middletown Community at our daily bread in Middletown. There have been countless donations of clothing, baby items, hygiene and toiletry items donated to Neighborhood House in Middletown. Also, STC members have donated beds, furniture and household items to assist folks getting back on their feet in the community as well. As a Deacon this has been a tremendous encouragement. In closing, I pray God will continue to move our hearts toward compassion, mercy, and love for one another in our congregation and in our world. That we would be motivated not by personal praise or Glory but for what Christ did for us two thousand years ago and continues to do for us today.

In Christ

Dave Wyatt

Deacon STC"

Dave Wyatt

Brothers and sisters, please pray for and lift up all the community group leaders to the Lord. These men week in and week out lead and shepard a diverse group in Fellowship, sermon/bible study, and life & Mission. I pray God will continue to strengthen, encourage, and refresh them when they’re weary and discouraged.

I also would like to give praise and thanks for all the families that host Community groups. This is a vital part of the mission and sometimes one that’s overlooked. I pray God will continue to move in the church and Community groups would multiply and grow.

Carly Wilt

Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you so much for your prayers for me. I deeply appreciate all of you coming behind me in support in that way! The week has definitely gotten better for me emotionally, as it often does, still working through and praying some things so continued prayer is much appreciated!

I am praying for the other prayer requests on this feed as well, and thank you to all who have posted for your willingness to be vulnerable! It is often not easy, but definitely worth it! I am also thanking God and thanking you all for the faithfulness ST has shown as a body of believers in meeting the call the elders brought to us in September to up our sacrificial giving in order to keep our current staff on board! God is so good! Thank you for the sacrificial giving Stone’s Throw Church! Praying that God would continue to provide and be faithful in the coming months!

So much love to you all!


Bob Butterbaugh

Brothers & Sisters,

Carmen and I have learned so much over the past 7 months that prayer is what sees you through difficult days. Prayer is our most powerful weapon that we have as Christians.  We have learned about the importance of the Body of Christ.  We have been so blessed to have several role models, particularly Carmen’s mother, and grandmother, who have been faithful prayer warriors over the years.  We have also learned not to trust our memory and have been writing down prayer requests of others.

We have witnessed so many wonderful things during Carmen’s journey and battle with the harsh side effects of Chemo that have brought us joy and peace.  Even waiting which has been difficult has been a remarkable reminder to us that God’s timing is perfect.

We are praying for each of you who have listed prayer requests here.  Please keep us all posted on answers/updates to your prayer requests.

In Christ,

Bob & Carmen

Stu Lindner

Almost each morning, Patty and I walk through our neighborhood lifting up all those on our ever-increasing prayer list, and over the past God’s Word has lead me to a powerful connection between pain, suffering, faith and prayer.  I have realized that suffering is a unique kind of circumstance where we must lean upon the lordship and example of Jesus Christ as we follow Him through the trial. Yet, it is through that pain that we experience our deepest intimacy with the Lord. How interesting it is that God has told us that every Christian will experience pain and sorrow during their lifetime. Some will experience more than others, and others might experience different types of suffering, but all who trust in the name of Jesus Christ will encounter suffering. How we react to our suffering is the acid test of the extent of our faith and will reveal the depth of our relationship to Christ.

Because God is a loving Father, he has not left us helpless and unaware of how we should respond to suffering. As in 2 Peter 2;21 He says “For you have been called for this purpose, since Christ also suffered for you, leaving you an example for you to follow in his steps.” And what a perfect example we have in the death of Christ. It is still amazing to me that God allows suffering as a validation our faith,  and through our suffering He increases our capacity to praise, glorify and honor God. I wish there was an easier way.

Some Christians may take the wrong approach, and look for other explanations for their trials, but as Pastor Charles F. Betters always exhorted us to “lean into the pain.”  Fortunately we have One, and sometimes only One, to whom we can turn through the pain.

I am so encouraged when I see how the Body of believers respond to suffering at STC. When I see how Bob & Carmen Butterbaugh have responded over the past months to their suffering it is a perfect example of how to respond.  Bob has handled his CG leadership with Grace and purpose. While caring for his wife going through cancer treatment, he has led and cared for his CG and prepared sermon notes every week. Meanwhile, as Carmen is going through painful treatments, and trying to regain her strength, she is asking, “who else needs prayer,” and she prays for others while on her sick bed.

When I think about the mental anguish that Court Blatchford is going through now and all the others on our STC prayer list, even pastor Dan with his Lumbar nerve pain down his leg is not exempt.  All these are indicators to me that our church is maturing spiritually and growing in the Grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior.

I really think God is doing a mighty work in STC, and is preparing us for the next phase of our growth as a church. As Jesus said on the road to Emmaus, “Was it not necessary for the Christ to suffer these things and to enter into His glory?” Luke 24:25-26. If our Lord had to experience such suffering to enter into His future glory, so also we, journeying along the path to glory, ought to expect to suffer.  Continue to draw near to God.

Grace & Peace,


Mark Harbeson

My daughter, Sarah, will be having major spinal surgery to treat her scoliosis on Monday, November 13.  She will be on some serious pain meds and will miss approximately 1 month of school while she recovers.  The prognosis is good for a full recovery and good quality of life afterwards.

Please pray for her pain tolerance and strength for the recovery, both physical and emotional.  Please pray for the surgeon and the nursing team, for wisdom and steady hands in treatment.  And please pray that Sarah’s parents don’t do anything to mess it up.  

Court Blatchford

I’m praying for Sarah and your family, Mark. God is gracious and you will come through this fine.

Gary Cochran

We will be praying for Sarah. We just went through spine surgery and the prayers from our community group lifted us up. Please keep us updated.

Stu Lindner

Mark, I can relate, and will be praying for Sarah. Hopefully, the long-term results of the surgery will be a great blessing.

Mark Harbeson

Thank you all!

Stu Lindner

Mark, I am praying that Sarah will not be anxious, and that the Holy Spirit will give her a calm spirit. Will she be in some kind of body brace after surgery? Praying for peace of mind for your whole family.
Grace & peace

Stu Lindner

As a continuation of our conversation on Sunday, I was praying for you this morning as I read through Psalms 69. Please read it, and ask God to speak through it as you read it. I trust that it will speak to your heart.
May God Bless & Keep you,

Julie Harbeson

To update everyone on Sarah: She came through the surgery fantastically. The surgeon called it “boring”…which is a good thing!!  She’s sitting and walking with assistance today. Everyone is astonished at how well she’s doing and that’s only because of all the prayers that everyone has been praying for her. Pray that she continues to do well and that Mark and I are able to help her transition to being at home later this week.

Dave Wyatt

Julie, that is awesome news about Sarah. Thank you for sharing and will continue to pray as she recovers.

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